Phase D Consultation

The Donore Project will operate within the parameters of the City Development Plan and Framework Plan for the area. The LDA and DCC consultation document below is solely related to the Donore Project, and for further information on the adjacent Hines developments for the Bailey Gibson or Player Wills lands please visit

Working closely with the key stakeholders, including the St Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board and the local community, the LDA aim to deliver a mix of social and affordable homes opening a new chapter for this diverse and historic area of Dublin City. The Community and Stakeholder Engagement for the Donore Project was carried out in Three Phases:  A, B and C, which have further been detailed within the Summary Report published.

Consultation Phase A (Initial Communications) and Phase B (Concept Proposal) were completed during 2021. These initial phases and engagement focused on the emerging project designs when the project was in its early stage of assessment. The Project Team reflected on the feedback and comments received during these earlier consultations and used this experience to address the observations where possible in the current Phase C Consultation (Detailed Design).

As works progress towards Phase D of the project, all submissions, comments, and feedback received during Phase C Consultation have been carefully reflected upon by the LDA and the Design Team. There will be opportunity for interested parties to comment on the formal proposals during the statutory application process, directly to the decision-making authority. The project website (, will continue to provide updates in the due course.

There is also an FAQ section on this website, while the link to the summary report detailing the Community and Stakeholder Engagement process undertaken to date can be found on the link below.

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