Phase C Consultation


The Phase C consultation process concluded on Friday 18 February 2022.

Thank you to all those who attended our project webinar, provided feedback and reflections on the detailed design proposals via email / phone / postal correspondence, and took an interest in the Donore Project to date.

All feedback and submissions will now be carefully considered by the LDA and Project Design Team as we move towards final proposals. There will be opportunity for interested parties to comment on the formal proposals during the statutory application process.

Our Community Liaison Office remains active should you have any queries – full contact details are available on this website.


Working closely with the key stakeholders, including the St Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board and the local community, the LDA aim to deliver a mix of social and affordable homes opening a new chapter for this diverse and historic area of Dublin City.

Consultation Phase A (Initial Communication) and Phase B (Concept Proposal) were completed during 2021. The earlier engagement stages focused on the emerging project designs at a stage when everything was at an early stage of assessment. The Project Team have since reflected on the feedback and comments received during these earlier consultations, and used this experience to address the observations where possible in the current Phase C Consultation (Detailed Design).

The present engagement phase will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to gain an understanding from the Project Design Team on the planning and design rationale for the detailed proposals. The community, stakeholders and other interested parties can provide comments and feedback via the Community Liaison Office’s email address; There is an FAQ section on this website also, while a recording of the recent “Phase C Public Webinar” is available for viewing, below.

In order to move towards the planning application lodgement stage of the project (Phase D), the Project Design Team will carefully reflect on any feedback received together with continued pursuit of the four key principles guiding the project design; A Sustainable Neighbourhood, A Connected Place, Integrating, and Building Community.

This engagement phase will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with Concept Proposals for the Donore Project element of the overall masterplan. Key activities will include a series of webinars, workshops and conversations where early ideas, sketches and concepts will be explored. Stakeholder feedback can be submitted at these forums or via the Community Liaison Officer’s email address;

Feedback provided in Phase B will inform the detailed design proposals which will be shared with our community stakeholders as part of Consultation Phase C in Q3 2021. At Phase 3 views and more detailed drawings will be available, this material is currently being developed in parallel with the progression of the design. Stakeholder commentary combined with the four key principles will guide the design where possible; A Sustainable Neighbourhood, A Connected Place, Integrating, Building Community.

Webinar Recording

2nd June 2021

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