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We are now commencing further community and stakeholder engagement through the “Phase C Consultation”. Please click below to view the detailed design overview produced by the Project Design Team and to register for our forthcoming Phase C Consultation webinar. We look forward to your comments and feedback.

We are now entering Phase D the Planning Application Process.

Reference Materials from earlier stages of the Donore Project

Quarter 1, 2021

Phase A – Initial Communication

This phase involved communicating widely about the project – its aims and objectives, the engagement process, how people could get involved, means of contacting the Community Liaison Office, etc.

Using a dedicated website, surveys, meetings with local stakeholders, elected members and wider public engagement, information was gathered on local strengths, needs, challenges and opportunities, along with the feedback from the Community Liaison Office and contact channels.

Quarter 1, 2021

Quarter 2, 2021

Phase B – Initial Proposal

This Phase involved the engagement on the initial design proposals to inform the public and stakeholders on how the emerging scheme addressed the key issues.

Key activities included a series of events, workshops, and conversations where early ideas, views, sketches, and concepts were explored. There was a commitment for ongoing engagement with key stakeholders.

Quarter 2, 2021

Quarter 1, 2022

Phase C – Detailed Proposal

This phase provided updated design proposals for the proposed development prior to progressing the formal pre-application consultation process. The feedback received has recently been carefully reflected on by the LDA and Design Team to inform the final application pack.

Quarter 1, 2022

Quarter 3, 2022 onwards

Phase D – Planning

This phase will keep stakeholders updated of the progress with the planning application and post-decision. Following lodgement of an application, submissions or observations can be made by interested parties to the decision-making authority directly.

Application details will be publicly notified, available online for viewing at specified locations to support accessibility for all. Post-consent construction stage liaison is foreseen by the project CLO.

Quarter 3, 2022 onwards

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Project Update (24 February 2023)

We wish to update interested parties that a Part 10 planning application is currently under consideration by An Bord Pleanála in respect of the Donore Project.

The full planning application pack can be found here. Please note that the period for making observations recently concluded.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the LDA Donore Project Community Liaison Office.

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