Donore Project

 A working title for the LDA & DCC Residential Project on the
 former St. Teresa’s Gardens site.

Working closely with the key stakeholders, including the St Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board and the local community, the LDA aim to achieve a new chapter for this diverse and historic area of Dublin City. A brief overview and timeline of the history of the project is included here
Margaret Kennedy Road & Court

54 new social homes delivered by Dublin City Council as part of the wider major redevelopment of the former St Teresa’s Gardens housing complex, completed in Q1 2021. 1 of 5
Donore Project Donore Project

The Donore Project is a proposed new development of social and cost-rental homes being developed by The Land Development Agency in conjunction with Dublin City Council. The project vision is to deliver a new, compact and integrated urban community and to provide a new chapter for this diverse and historic area of Dublin City. 2 of 5
Hines APG Phase 3 Hines APG, in conjunction with Dublin City Council, are the developers for the areas shown outlined in yellow as part of their third planning application phase, due for submission in Q2 2021. These areas will deliver the all-weather sports pitch and facilities. 3 of 5 Hines APG Phase 1 – Bailey Gibson

Hines APG are the adjoining developer of the former Bailey Gibson site, further information can be found here 4 of 5
Phase 2 – (planning application lodged December 2020)

Hines APG are the adjoining developer of the former Player Wills site, further information can be found here 5 of 5
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A Sustainable Neighbourhood
The proposals aim to deliver a vibrant and compact neighbourhood built on the principles of sustainable development. These proposals will incorporate social and cost-rental homes, supported by recreational amenities, enhancing community development and wellbeing.
A Connected Place
The Donore Project is nestled within a well-established urban community. The development vision is to enhance this connectivity and permeability with a network of new activated streets and public spaces to and from this community. Cycling and walking links will be provided which will support active and sustainable travel options.
The Donore Project site is centrally located in Dublin City and within a long-established community. This offers the opportunity to connect, integrate and contribute to the vibrancy of the local community and beyond with new residential development providing homes into an established and expanding community.
Building Community
The new Donore Project neighbourhood will include a number of home sizes and quality designs to suit a range of household sizes, ages and incomes, establishing the conditions for an inclusive and cohesive community for the long term.
Launched Projects:
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